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Ibotta’s Ultimate Guide to Save Money on Groceries

Ibotta is on a mission to “make every purchase rewarding”. We’ve given away more than $1.2 billion in cash back rewards to our Savers in our first 10 years – and we’ve learned a lot of creative ways to make every dollar stretch as far as possible. More recently, we’ve seen the impact inflation has on the cost of groceries and everyday essentials. So in addition to helping our Savers earn 1.6x over rising food costs with our mobile cash back app, we want to make sure you have extra tips and tricks to help you save more money wherever you shop.
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Planning your grocery shopping trips

Whether you make your shopping list in advance, or go with the flow once you’re in the aisles, Ibotta has you covered with useful tips to help you save money on groceries. We cover buying online for home delivery or store pickup, plus hacks you should know before shopping in store.
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Deciding to buy groceries in bulk, online, in-store, or at the market

No matter the size of your grocery shopping trips, we can help you budget and save money on them all. Go ahead with these tips to fill your car at the warehouse club, fill your basket at the farmer’s market, or anything in between!
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Earn cash back rewards and big savings on groceries

There are countless apps, sites, and platforms out there promising big savings at the grocery store – but which ones actually deliver? We spotlight five of the best ways to save money on the groceries you need to buy, at your favorite stores, without having to jump through hoops.
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Save money on produce, meat, alcohol, and household items

Ibotta breaks down some of the most popular grocery store categories to help you save the most money, wherever you prefer to buy.
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Tips on grocery shopping for singles, couples, and families

If you’re shopping for one, two, or a whole household of people with different needs, preferences, appetites, and favorite foods – we have you covered! These tips make your grocery shopping experiences easy and hassle-free – all while saving the most money possible.