About Ibotta

Founded in 2012, Ibotta is a leading performance marketing platform allowing brands to deliver digital promotions to over 200 million consumers through a network of publishers called the Ibotta Performance Network (IPN). The IPN allows marketers to influence what people buy, and where and how often they shop – all while paying only when their campaigns directly result in a sale.

Company overview

Ibotta pioneered a pay-per-sale model that allows brand marketers to gain market share cost effectively, only paying when their campaigns lead directly to sales. American shoppers have earned over $1.8 billion through the IPN since 2012. 

We work everyday in pursuit of our mission: Make Every Purchase Rewarding.

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Why brands work with us

Ibotta allows marketers to use incentives to influence how people shop. We can help impact where people shop, what they buy, and how soon they buy again.

The Ibotta Performance Network (IPN) enables pay-per-sale advertising on a previously unprecedented scale. The network reaches more than 200 million consumers across our network of publishers.

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Why publishers work with us

The IPN provides Rewards as a Service to partners interested in providing promotions and added value to their consumers.

We work with some of the largest retailers and brands in the world, including Walmart, Family Dollar and Dollar General. They use Ibotta’s platform to efficiently deliver thousands of digital offers to their consumers.

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Why consumers love us

At Ibotta, we try to improve the lives of millions of consumers every day. We do this by helping them earn cash rewards on thousands of everyday items.

Through our app, website, and browser extension, it's easy to receive cash back while shopping at their favorite store. We have offers to help them save on groceries, electronics, clothes, and more. The average Ibotta consumer earns over $250 a year in cash back — it’s no wonder they love us.

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