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Fresh Fashion Finds for Less

Freshen up your wardrobe without breaking your budget.

It’s a new season, and therefore a new reason to update your closet with tons of new styles. Get more bang for your buck when you start with Ibotta.

1. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon

Is Amazon taking over the world? Maybe so, but we won’t complain about all the new options they have for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Products from brands you wouldn’t normally expect are now available to purchase through Amazon, including Calvin Klein, Fossil, Michael Kors, Adidas, Levi’s, and they are always adding more!

Start with Ibotta and earn up to 3% cash back on every Amazon Fashion purchase.

2. Activewear for Any Occasion

While a daily workout may be doable for some, most of us don’t have the flexibility. Thankfully, activewear is becoming more and more acceptable for almost any activity. Whether you’re running to the grocery store or need to walk the dog quickly before dinner, the proper set of leggings can make all the difference in your day.

Shop the latest activewear on Under Armour and earn up to 5% cash back.

3. Bold Colors, Classic Patterns & Unique Accessories

It’s no secret, many of us like to hibernate during the winter. Now that warmer months are ahead of us, more events are likely to pop up on your calendar. Take a chance on a new style or color you haven’t considered before. Who knows, it may become a new staple! A few of our recommendations include:

  • Flare-sleeve t-shirts

  • Layered, convertible tank tops

  • Boutique-style jewelry

  • Vintage-print bags and accessories

Try a new style today and earn cash back on over 20 of the top fashion, shoes & accessories retailers when you start with Ibotta.

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