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Easy ways to shop sustainably

Earth Day is coming up on April 22. But here at Ibotta, we don’t think one day is nearly enough to show our gratitude for the planet we live on. Earth Month is a great time to take stock of your current shopping habits, but you can find ways to shop more sustainably all year long.

And when you shop with Ibotta, you can help save the Earth and save some money at the same time. Check the app for offers on sustainable and eco-friendly products from organic treats, to recycled products, to nontoxic skin and cleaning supplies.

“Sustainability has reached a tipping point,” according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation and IBM. The survey revealed that nearly 80% of consumers say sustainability is important to them, and almost 60% are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact.

Here are four ideas for sustainable shopping.

1. Shop sustainably at the grocery store

Buy organic produce and other food items. If you need to pick and choose, check out the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” — a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of pesticides. — ewg.org

Avoid excess packaging when possible and look for recyclable packaging when necessary. Do you really need your zucchini shrink-wrapped in plastic? Probably not. Bring your own reusable bags. Plastic grocery bags are difficult to recycle, so most end up in landfills. Take that stash of reusable tote bags out of the closet and put them by the door or in the car, so they’re ready for your next shopping trip.

2. Use Ibotta to shop eco-friendly retailers online

Shop for used products to reduce waste. Need new clothes, electronics, home decor, or gifts? Check eBay in the Ibotta mobile app first! Buying previously owned goods means reducing waste since no new resources are used in the process.

Earn cash back on eco-friendly products, too. Using nontoxic skin care and cleaning products is not only better for the planet — it’s also healthier for you! Two of our favorites are Grove Collaborative and The Body Shop. Find both in the Ibotta app.

Get gear that lasts. Sometimes investing in quality products is the best thing you can do for the planet since you won’t need to replace items year after year. When you shop retailers like Backcountry and Land’s End in the Ibotta mobile app and browser extension, you know you’re getting goods that are built to last!

Give the gift of experiences. Got a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or other gift-worthy celebration coming up? Instead of getting them material items they may or may not use, give them an experience from Groupon; a round of Topgolf; or a flick at Regal Cinemas, AMC Theatres, or Alamo Drafthouse.

Cut back on food waste with meal kits. If you’re constantly throwing out food that’s gone bad in the fridge, meal kits might be a good fit for you. Services like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Home Chef, Freshly, Purple Carrot, and Green Chef send you the exact ingredients you need to make each meal — no more, no less. Plus, you’ll earn cash back while you cook! Find them in the Ibotta app in the Subscriptions section of the homepage.

3. Shop with Ibotta gift cards

Skip the plastic gift cards and shop or gift Ibotta’s digital gift cards! Choose from more than 100 gift card retailers in the Ibotta app, including restaurants, coffee shops, retailers movie theaters, travel partners, and more. To browse all of Ibotta’s gift card partners, simply click Gift cards in the app.

4. More ways to live sustainably

  • Carry a reusable water bottle wherever you go for sustainable hydration.

  • Sell or donate unused clothing, books, and other home goods instead of throwing them out.

  • Love to garden? Create a compost pile to keep food scraps out of landfills and make your plants happier!

  • Walk or bike instead of driving, when possible.

At Ibotta, we don’t just want you to shop smarter for essentials. We want you to be able to get sustainable products, too. (And plant some trees along the way!) Thanks for helping us towards our goal of a more eco-friendly future.

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