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Do you save money shopping online?

Gone are the days of trekking across town to shop for the items you need. Now almost anything can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button. And not only is online shopping incredibly convenient, but it can also be much more cost effective than shopping in store. Especially when you consider that Ibotta offers online shopping cash back at hundreds of online retailers!

Why online shopping is cost effective

Shopping online instead of in person allows you to take more time to review potential purchases, compare prices and seek out deals or cash back offers. In fact, you might have 10 tabs open at once (no judgement here), comparing different sites, different items and different price-points. Having options that lead to savings is a great thing — especially when you can access them all with a few taps of the keyboard instead of traveling around town.

Online shopping tips and tricks

The savviest shoppers among us will ask one simple question before making a purchase: is this the most cost-effective choice? Here are some tips to get the best possible deal on your online purchase:

Wait for deals – If you don’t need your purchase right away, consider holding off until there’s a relevant promotion. Holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day and of course Black Friday tend to come with discounts and promotions at popular retailers. And if the item you’re looking for is seasonal (like a pair of winter boots for instance), wait for the end of the season for the deepest discounts.

Look for free shipping – Shipping costs can add up, so while you’re browsing and comparing price-points, keep a lookout for free shipping policies or promotion codes. You can also shop at home and pick up in-store to eliminate shipping costs all together.

Sign up for rewards programs – Consider signing up for rewards programs before you shop. Simply adding your email address to a retailer’s database could get you 10-15% off your first purchase. Plus, you’ll be alerted to future promotions.

Keep items on your wish list in your shopping cart -– Some online retailers will email you when there’s a price drop on an item in your cart.

Cash back with online shopping

Now that you’re well on your way to becoming an online shopping savings expert, double up your savings efforts by using Ibotta. Ibotta’s browser extension gives you online cash back on purchases at hundreds of online retailers. Bookmark our offers page as well, where you’ll find real-time offers on all of your favorite brands!

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