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When is the best time to make a large purchase?

When you’re buying something for your home, there is so much to consider. Besides the different brands and styles out there, you also want to make sure you’re getting the best price. Inflation and lingering supply chain issues may be driving up prices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal.

Besides shopping around at different stores, don’t forget to use Ibotta! It’s one of the best ways to earn cash back no matter where you shop. It’s also helpful to know what times of year you can expect to see things on sale.

When to buy large appliances

Obviously if your dishwasher breaks you can’t exactly wait for a sale to replace it. But if you’re just looking to upgrade, Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day weekends are classically great times to shop. The end of the year before they put out new models or Black Friday are also good times for sales.

If you’re looking to replace your air conditioner or heater, think about checking prices in spring and fall. These tend to be lower demand seasons and you might have more negotiating power. Not to mention replacing an old unit before the height of summer can mean you’re not stuck in hot weather without relief if your unit goes down.

When to buy a mattress

More time to shop on a long weekend, means more time to test out mattresses. Or at least that’s one theory. That makes Presidents’ Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day weekend sales all likely to include mattress deals. Make sure you also see if you can negotiate extras like a bed frame or pillows. Those little freebies can add up.

When to buy plane tickets

One of the best ways to save on travel is to buy tickets during the offseason. When that is can depend on where you’re looking to go. For example, book ski resorts in the summer, and tropical destinations in the winter. Be sure to shop around on sites, and check out packages that include hotels and extras. Of course, getting cash back with Ibotta is a great start too.

When to buy a TV or computer

These shopping dates tend to match up with big entertainment events. Right before the Super Bowl, for example, they’ll be trying to entice you to upgrade and see all the action. There’s also usually deals on Black Friday.

Similarly, stores put computers on sale around the back-to-school season when they know new college kids will be shopping for them. Holiday weekends and Black Friday are also big deal times. You can also look at getting refurbished models soon after a new model comes out if you’re not one that needs to stay on the cutting edge.

When to buy furniture

Shopping for a new couch? Typically furniture stores make room for new styles twice a year: right before the spring and fall. That means the best time to buy is January and February or August and September. You can also expect to see sales around Presidents’ Day and Labor Day weekends.

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, it pays to plan ahead for next year. Stores will be looking to clear out their stock between the Fourth of July and Labor day before the season ends.

When to buy a car

With a purchase this big, timing it right can save you hundreds or even thousands. The end of the year can be especially good, according to Kelly Blue Book, because sales lots are trying to make space for the new models. It can also be good to shop toward the end of the month because salespeople trying to meet quotas can be more motivated to make a deal.

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