Marshmallows smores pops

5 satisfying s’mores recipes

Put a new twist on a classic summer treat with one of these decadent s’more-inspired dishes.

smores pancakes

1. S’mores Pancakes, Prep Time: 15 Minutes

image via Self Proclaimed Foodie

S’mores Cookie Cups

2. S’mores Cookie Cups, Prep Time: 20 Minutes

image & recipe via Liv For Cake

Marshmallow S’more Pops

3. Marshmallow S’more Pops, Prep Time: 15 Minutes

image & recipe via Ciera Design

Fudge Cookie Pies

4. Fudge Cookie Pies, Prep Time: 35 Minutes

image & recipe via Betty Crocker

S’mores Brownies

5. S’mores Brownies, Prep Time: 1 hour

image & recipe via The Beach House Kitchen

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