Heart shaped pizza

5 pies for the perfect pizza party

Heat up the kitchen with a few homemade pizzas that are sure to satisfy dinner guests.

Mini Pizza Pancakes

1. Mini Pizza Pancakes, earn $.50 cash back on Bisquick

via Betty Crocker

Touchdown Pizza Fritters

2. Touchdown Pizza Fritters, earn $.50 cash back on Challenge Cream Cheese

via Challenge Dairy

Black and White Pizza

3. Black and White Pizza, earn $.25 cash back on Lindsay Olives

via Lindsay Olives

Ranch Buffalo Chicken Pizza

4. Ranch Buffalo Chicken Pizza, earn $1.00 cash back on Hidden Valley Ranch

via Hidden Valley

Mediterranean Chicken Grilled Pizza

5. Mediterranean Chicken Grilled Pizza, earn $.50 cash back on McCormick Grill Mates Bottle Blends

via McCormick Grill Mates

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