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How to earn cash back

Add product

Add offers

Add your cash back offers to Your list by tapping +. You can see your Ibotta offer list in the app before you head to the store.


Submit your receipt

After shopping for your items in-store, head to the retailer page and tap Submit receipt to earn your cash back.


Withdraw earnings

Withdraw your earnings when you reach $20 by choosing a gift card or even linking a bank account.

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4X the offers of leading competitors

With Ibotta you can shop more of the brands you love with offers you'll love even more. Plus you get real cash, not confusing points.

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Shop cash back deals wherever you are with the Ibotta app. You'll find offers from your favorite stores on things you buy every day, and more.

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On your computer

Get cash back when you shop online with our free Ibotta browser extension or log in to our website. Compare prices and get the best deal, every time you shop.

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