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Set instant in-stock alerts for family staples

Planning a shopping trip accordingly when you buy essentials — which run out easily — is more important now than ever. We’ve got the perfect tool to take the hassle out of what happens when products are out of stock or limited in supply: in-stock alerts!

Ibotta sends you in-stock alerts on the staples your kids love— like squeeze packs, snacks, and much more.

Never be out of essentials again with Ibotta in-stock alerts

With the Ibotta browser extension, you can opt-in to get product stock notifications. When your most-needed products aren’t available at the time you’re shopping, we’ll let you know when the items are restocked.

How it works

Set up in-stock alerts with the Ibotta browser extension! Here’s how:

  1. Download the free Ibotta browser extension by clicking Add to Chrome from your desktop.

  2. Visit a participating site and start shopping! Open the browser extension window while you shop your items to see availability and tracking options.

  3. When you’re browsing an item that’s out of stock, head to the Compare tab in the browser extension, and simply toggle the gray Notify When In Stock button so the button turns teal. This will send you notifications through the extension when an item is back in stock. Be aware though, your tracking expires after 45 days and you’ll need to re-track the item.

And those limited supply items? We’ve got a pro tip: when you enable Notify When In Stock, a window appears to let you pick how often you get notifications— don’t forget to set the Check frequency option to Instant in the dropdown. You’ll always be the first to know when it’s time to get those restocked, but limited, goods!

Be sure to discover all the ways the Ibotta browser extension can be your personal assistant, like also telling you when that product everyone wants is about to be sold out again.

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