Is Ibotta a scam?
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Let us show you why Ibotta is not a scam

In the realm of money-saving apps, Ibotta stands out with our promise of earning cash back on everyday purchases. We’ve paid out over $1.8 billion in cash back since our founding, which is incredible! 

But when it comes to people promising you money, you might be worried that it sounds too good to be true. So, is Ibotta legit? In short, yes! Let's dive in and debunk the myths.

How does Ibotta work?

Ibotta is essentially a free cash back app designed to reward you for your regular shopping, both online and in-store. You can earn cash back on groceries, clothing, home goods, and even travel. Here's how it works:

  1. Browse offers: Before you shop, check the Ibotta app for cashback offers on various products at supported stores.

  2. Unlock cash back: Buy the eligible products and take a picture of your receipt (or link your loyalty cards for some stores).

  3. Get paid: Once verified, cashback gets added to your Ibotta account whenever you redeem a qualifying offer. You can withdraw your earnings to your bank account, or via gift cards once you reach a balance of $20.

You can also use Ibotta when you shop at top online retailers. Learn more about getting cash back on online purchases

What else should I know about Ibotta?

If you’re looking for more reassurance, here are a few points to know. 

Our business model: Brands and retailers use Ibotta as a performance marketing platform to promote products, attract new buyers to try those products, and keep buying them. Brands and retailers pay Ibotta a commission and pass rewards along to you. Those rewards show up as cash back in your wallet.

Partnerships with major brands: Ibotta partners with thousands of brands and retailers. We also power rewards programs for some of the biggest retailers in the country. They trust us, because they know we’re one of the best ways to earn cash back and we’ll connect them with 91% of American households. 

Millions of satisfied users: Ibotta has over 50 million registered users and real user testimonials across social media. You can check 2.3 million Ibotta app reviews across the App Store and Google Play Store, earning an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Security and privacy: We take data security seriously, and prioritize user security, employing encryption and secure servers to protect personal and transaction information. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy

Clear earnings and cash out process: We give you real money, not complicated points like our competitors. And we’ve made it easy to get your cash, without hidden fees or charges.

Tips for using Ibotta successfully

We want you to have the best possible experience with Ibotta, so here are a few tips. 

  • Be patient: Take some time to learn how to use the Ibotta app. The time investment pays off! The average Ibotta user earns $256 a year in cash back. Also check the bonuses section for more ways to earn. 

  • Read offer details carefully: Tap “Scan barcode” on the offer details page in the app to make sure your items match the specific requirements (brand, size, etc.). Read more about how to add offers

  • Refer friends: Earn bonuses for bringing friends onto the platform. It’s a great way to share the cash back joy and earn referral bonuses

  • Go beyond groceries: You can also use Ibotta to earn cash back when you’re online shopping or buying gift cards. Or try using Ibotta on your computer. 

  • Reach out if you need help: If you run into any technical issues, our Care department is here to help. You can also join our Facebook community for tips and tricks from other Ibotta users. 

Ready to try it?

Ibotta is not a "get rich quick" scheme. It's a fun way to earn some extra money back on the things you were likely going to buy anyway. Be mindful of offers, keep your receipts organized, and enjoy a little bit of treasure hunting while shopping. Download the Ibotta app for a valuable tool to save on groceries and more. 

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