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Ibotta bonuses: The secret to earning cash back faster

At Ibotta, we love to give you money, and so we’ve created bonuses as a way to help you earn more, faster! Download the best cash back grocery app to start earning bonuses. We’ve answered all your burning questions about bonuses in the Ibotta app.

What is a bonus?

On top of those awesome cash back deals you can get from top brands, Ibotta offers bonus cash back! You can earn this extra cash back by completing offers. Each bonus will have specific stipulations you need to meet to earn the bonus, and all details are available on the Bonuses page in the app. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Check out the bonus you’re interested in.

  2. Complete the necessary number of redemptions or specific offers mentioned in the details.

  3. Make sure you submit your receipt before the bonus expiration date and time.

New! And now it's even easier to earn bonuses. You can redeem the same offer multiple times, and each redemption will count toward all featured bonuses! (Be sure to check the offer details for redemption limits.)

What kinds of bonuses are there?

There are so many available bonuses in the app at any given time! Making sure you’re working on all the types is a great way to maximize your cash back.

Welcome bonus

You’re eligible for our Welcome bonus if you’ve never had an Ibotta account before and you’re just joining us! Redeem offers and submit your first receipt in the app, and that’s it!

Creating multiple new accounts with Ibotta will result in account deactivation. Only one Ibotta account per device. Sharing a device will disqualify you from receiving the Welcome bonus.

Referral bonus

Get rewarded when you share Ibotta with your friends! You’ll get cash once they redeem their first receipt, and they’ll get a bonus too! They must be totally new to Ibotta and have their own device. Make sure you share your referral code with anyone who might be interested!

Brand or category specific bonuses

Specific bonuses are those that outline a specific offer or set of offers that you have to redeem to earn the extra cash back. For example, a brand might give you an extra $1 when you redeem two different product offers.

Non-specific bonuses

These bonuses are our favorite! For these offers any branded offer will qualify and help you earn that extra cash back. Usually there is a set number of offers you must redeem in a certain amount of time to earn this bonus.

The numbers are personalized to your shopping habits, so even if you have the same bonus offer as another consumer you might need a different amount of redeemed offers to earn the bonus.

Where do I find my bonuses?

Check out the current bonuses by clicking on the Bonuses page (the $ icon on the bottom bar in the app). Now you’ll see all of your available bonuses and the possible amounts. Tap on the bonus you’re interested in to see the details, like requirements, exclusions, and the fine print.

On the Bonuses page, you’ll see five categories

  1. Featured: bonuses that are new. Check frequently so you don’t miss one!

  2. In progress: bonuses that you’ve already started earning offers for. See how close you are to extra cash!

  3. For you: bonuses we think you’ll be interested in based on your shopping habits. Tap for details!

  4. Recently expired: bonuses that expired in the last 72 hours. Qualifying purchases made before the expiration date will still count toward these bonuses.

  5. Completed: once you complete bonuses they’ll show up here. See how much you earned.

Hot tip: If you don’t see a bonus that recurs often, like Midweek Moneymaker or Weekend Warrior, it might be because we’re running other promotions or special events. We’re always adding new offers and bonuses to the app, so you’ll usually find new deals the next time you browse!

What if I didn’t get my cash back from my bonus?

Don’t see your bonus cash back? Don’t worry, there’s probably a reason. The app will activate your bonus when you submit your receipt and your offers are verified in our system. Receipts that you submit before bonuses expire will be applied to any active bonuses.

If you redeem offers in the Online shopping category, they often have pending periods. Sometimes the bonus will expire before the pending period is over. As long as you successfully redeemed the offer before the bonus expired, you’ll still receive cash back once the pending period is up. Check the Recently expired section at the bottom of the Bonuses tab to check your progress.

Still having issues questions? Connect with our Care team.

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