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The Ibotta Browser Extension redesign: you asked, we listened!

The Ibotta Browser Extension got a simplified makeover! Why? Because Savers like you asked us to! With your feedback, we’ve been hard at work to make your online shopping experience even easier.

Wait, what is the Ibotta browser extension? Ibotta has a cash back extension for your online shopping browser! With browser extensions like Ibotta’s, it’s easy to save on the things you buy every day. No need to test promo codes or rack up loyalty points — just install the extension to your Chrome browser and watch the cash back roll in. Download now!

Three reasons you should try the Ibotta browser extension

Shopping online is easier than ever before. That means it’s all too easy to spend big money online. But not to worry – with more opportunities to spend, there are also more opportunities to save!

The first reason you should try the simplified Ibotta extension experience is the real cash back, of course. The average Ibotta user saves around $10 – $20 per month, but more active users can save hundreds! We’ve improved the Ibotta browser extension to make finding cash back and saving online even easier with a simplified design. No need to test promo codes or rack up points – you’ll know which products qualify for cash back, and just how much you’ll earn.

Secondly, you can compare prices across retailers. We do the work for you by comparing prices at top retailers where the item is most commonly sold. Get the best price everytime.

Last and not least, you can get price drop and in-stock alerts with the Ibotta extension. Use our track feature to watch price history and get notifications when an item is restocked or the price drops. You’ll always know when it’s the best time to buy.

How does the Ibotta extension work?

From the Chrome Store, click Add to Chrome to add the extension to your Chrome browser, then log in with your associated Ibotta email address.

From your computer, shop and pay as you normally would. The extension window will pop up every time you visit a supported website. Click the extension window to activate cash back. For a full list, sign in and check out all the supported retailers.

cash back alert

Open the extension window when you’re browsing an item page to compare prices across the web! We’ll calculate and show you the net price of the item after earning cash back, too, so you can factor that into your money-saving decisions.

See a better deal? Just click on it to go straight to the retailer site and check out. Easy money.

price comparison tool

Set notifications on the stuff you want, and the extension will alert you when the price goes down, items are restocked, or they’re about to be sold out. It’s like having your own personal assistant – for free.

price tracking tool

That’s it! We’ll send you an email when the pending period is complete and cash back is added to your earnings.

We’ve got a couple of pro tips for making the most of the Ibotta browser extension:

You must have Chrome for the extension to work.

Chrome is a web browser powered by Google.

Cash back is on the way.

Don’t see your cash right away? Don’t worry! Cash back will be added to our earnings once the pending period is complete.

Get the app to withdraw your earnings.

Once you have $20 (or more!) in earnings, cash out on the app through PayPal, your banking account, or choose a gift card. Plus, you can find even more ways to save. Download the Ibotta app.

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