Saving on Groceries During the Holidays

Guide to Save on Groceries       Saving on Groceries During the Holidays

No matter what day of the year you’re reading this, one thing’s true – there’s another holiday around the corner! One of the many benefits of yearly traditions is that retailers and manufacturers are able to time the production of products and make sure shelves are well-stocked. The question becomes – when’s the best time to stock up for holidays?

For non-perishables – the day after the holiday. Greeting cards, gift wrap, plastic Easter Basket grass, and Halloween costumes all go on sale – at serious discounts – to make room for the next holiday. Pay attention though! If you see store staff begin to close down the holiday aisle early, get ready to stock up because those sale tags will emerge soon after.

Groceries are a little different. Even food you can freeze won’t be as appetizing a year later, so here are some tips specifically for perishable groceries.

  1. Get to know your store’s sales cycle – Typically every 6 weeks or so, old inventory makes room for new and that’s when you’ll see sales signs. So two months before a holiday, look for sales signs on canned foods, non-perishables, and items you can freeze for a few weeks until it’s time to cook.
  2. Check often for digital cash back rewards – As holiday seasons near, manufacturers will be competing for your business, so check for product and brand sampling incentives – like special cash back offers on Ibotta as well as the store’s reward program. New offers are posted daily, so check back often – including when you’re in the aisles of your most-visited stores!
  3. Have rewards? Cash them in! If you’ve been building up cash back rewards in your Ibotta account, now’s the time to withdraw. A holiday payoff is a great incentive to redeem cash back rewards year-round. With planning, you can even pay for your holiday meals – in full! The same goes with those accrued points you’ve been saving with cash back rewards credit cards.
  4. Shop early for the best selections – You might pay full price on some items, but for essentials and holiday favorites, the glee you’ll get from enjoying them is truly priceless.
  5. Try retailer private labels – For the better, gone are the days when buying generic groceries meant compromising on quality or flavor! Many retailers have invested considerably to develop private label alternatives that compete on every price point from economy items to ultra premium ones.
  6. Gift yourself a gift card – Browse the gift card racks for deals. If your favorite store is offering gift cards at a discount, buy them and cash them in. If you can buy a $100 gift card for $80, spend it right away and pocket the $20. You can always shop Ibotta for gift cards, which will always get you real cash back! Buy the gift card with intent to use it as your payment method for in-store and online purchases.