Save Money on Toilet Paper, Laundry Detergent, and Non-Edible Daily Essentials

Guide to Save on Groceries       Save Money on Toilet Paper, Laundry Detergent, and Non-Edible Daily Essentials

Staples are so much more than the bendable metal clips that bind papers together – Grocery staples are the unassuming conveniences of modern society that make daily living – well, livable. While our choices of food ebb and flow with our changing preferences, cravings, and daily diets, non-food daily essentials are the products that we simply count on to deliver when we need them most.

Think about all the products you seamlessly replace when supplies run low: toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap or dishwasher pods, laundry detergent – plus kitchen staples like sandwich bags, sponges, window cleaner, and hand sanitizer. Even when prices rise for these items, you’re still going to have to buy them somehow – Thankfully, there are some clever ways to save.

There are two main ways to save money on daily staples – controlling what you use and determining how much to buy, where, and when.

Saving money by using less

For many households, it seems like every time you turn around the toilet paper roll is empty. It’s one of those products that goes quickly when used as intended, but it’s also readily available for just about every use imaginable – facial tissue for sneezes and runny noses, de-facto paper towel for small spills, not to mention lots of fun for kids and pets to unroll and play with. You’ll use much less toilet paper if you also have facial tissues handy for sneezes (one tissue can do the work of wads of toilet paper), plus washable cloth towels within easy reach for spills. When it comes to using less toilet paper on the toilet – Get into the habit of using a few tissues – versus a giant wad of toilet paper – it’s good for hygiene and the health of your plumbing. Don’t worry about your hands, a good hand wash when you’re done will keep you clean and healthy as you move forward with your day.

The same logic applies for soap and detergent – most people use too much. Dishwasher pods have all but eliminated using too much detergent for dishes, but modern HE (High Efficiency) washing machines can do a lot more, with a lot less laundry detergent. Same goes with window cleaner – instead of drenching the glass with too much product, spray a small amount on a cloth before applying to the glass.

Saving Money at the Store

There are many ways to stretch your grocery shopping dollar as far as possible, especially when it comes to staples.

  1. Check for available digital cash back – By checking Ibotta’s daily deals, on the free app or on, you can match many of the products on your shopping list to available cash back offers. Ignoring these offers is like leaving free money on the table. Start checking for offers before your supplies run low, and maximize the listed purchase limit to stock up your pantry.
  2. Buy in volume – Check out our guide to warehouse store shopping to see if making a trip to Sam’s Club or Costco makes sense for you. Remember to buy, but not overbuy, as some products like laundry detergent actually do degrade in quality after a year.
  3. Balance price with product quality – Super cheap, industrial grade toilet paper or super flimsy sandwich bags may seem like a great deal – but if you use more because of the low quality, or the product underperforms, then the overall experience might not be worth the savings.