Save Money on Groceries with Gift Cards

Guide to Save on Groceries       Save Money on Groceries with Gift Cards
First we’re going to tear down the biggest myth about gift cards – they’re not just for gifting to others – you can also save money by gifting them to yourself! Gift cards, when purchased legally and properly activated, are accepted as forms of payment just like cash and credit or debit cards at participating retailers. They deliver dollar for dollar on face value, and remaining balances after a purchase can be used on future purchases. Think of your gift card purchase as a way to get cash back for your whole cart instead of cash back on single items! We’ve got a few extra ways to make the most out of your gift card purchases:
  • Look for gift card sales – It’s true! Depending on the store and the sale offer, you can save between 5 and 20 percent when you purchase a gift card. Buying a $100 gift card for $80 is like getting $20 for free.
  • Earn cash back when buying gift cards with Ibotta – In addition to the face card value of a gift card, you can earn cash back when buying gift cards available through Ibotta. Ibotta often has promotions where the cash back amount for a gift card purchase is bumped up to a higher cash back amount for a limited time. Best of all, you can buy your digital gift card in any amount you want (noting minimums that vary by retailer). Enjoy dollar for dollar value at retailers while earning cold hard cash back from Ibotta. Restaurants, clothing stores, and department stores often offer the biggest cash back percentages for gift cards.
  • If you buy a gift card – spend it! A recent Nerdwallet story cited research from Mercator Advisory Group, “Most gift cards are spent within a year, but billions of dollars remain unspent and about 1% to 2% of gift card dollars typically go unused”.
  • Use a gift card to manage your budget – If you’ve determined your weekly grocery budget, buy a gift card in that amount and task yourself to not spend over the amount on the gift card.
  • Don’t miss the expiration date – Some gift cards never expire (so long as the store stays in business), some have a shelf life, and others have fine print such as “inactivity fees”. It’s best to use gift cards as quickly as possible so you don’t have to worry about money expiring!
  • Beware where you buy – Gift cards sold online from third party sites, or sold on the street, are often stolen. Just because it looks like a legitimate card, doesn’t mean it’ll work when you try to use it!
Ibotta is always a safe and sure way to earn a real cash back percentage on your gift card purchases with over 150 spots to choose from.