Save Money with Digital Coupons for Groceries

Guide to Save on Groceries       Save Money with Digital Coupons for Groceries

While Ibotta is one of America’s most popular sources for digital cash back rewards, there are other paperless ways to save money at the grocery store, including digital coupons. Digital coupons act just like their paper counterparts, without the hassle of clipping paper and the related environmental impact.

Did you know every year more than 256.5 billion paper coupons are printed (consuming 13.62 million trees)? 99.6% of these coupons go unredeemed, most ending up in landfills. In 2020, redemptions for digital coupons surpassed print coupons for the first time ever!

A few more tips for success with digital coupons include:

  1. Maximize your savings by maxing out the offer limits – For non-perishables, take advantage of offer details, such as “Limit 5”, which means the same discount will be added on (up to) 5 products when purchased on the same shopping trip.
  2. Stack your coupons (if allowed!) – In few cases, you can apply more than one coupon to a single sale, such as a manufacturer coupon and a digital rewards offer. The retailer or offer’s details will let you know if this is allowed. For example, a “$1 off any baked goods” retailer coupon may not be able to be combined with a “$1 off Wonder Bread” manufacturer coupon.
  3. Watch expiration dates – It’s best to clip your digital coupons on the day of purchase, or before, as most digital coupons have expiration dates.
  4. Click and collect – If your store offers in-store pickup, buy all products attached to digital coupons (and/or digital cash back from Ibotta), and have them bagged and waiting for you at the store. This frees your in-store time to look for meal ideas and makes sure you’re not forgetting the items where discounts and savings can be applied.
  5. Make a digital shopping list – Many retailer apps allow you to create a digital shopping list, including all the products attached to digital coupons that you’ve clipped.

Note that some stores don’t automatically connect digital savings to your purchase. In these cases, you may need to scan a clipped digital coupons at the register to get savings.

For Ibotta digital cash back at retailers where your Ibotta account can’t be connected to your retailer account or loyalty program, including stores without such programs, you simply need to save your printed receipt from the store to redeem the cash back that you’ve added prior to checkout. After you take pictures of your receipt in the Ibotta app, you’re real cash back earnings are typically added to your Ibotta account within 72 hours.