Join Grocery Store Rewards Programs

Guide to Save on Groceries       Grocery Shopping Rewards Programs

One of the easiest ways to save money on groceries is to join the rewards programs offered by your most-visited grocery stores. However, many shoppers may wonder, “What do grocery stores do with my data?”

As with anything in business, rewards programs are a transaction – plain and simple. But tracking all of your purchases to a unique customer ID number actually allows the retailer to better serve you and improve your shopping experience. They can see what sales offers work, and which ones don’t – they can see what items are often bought together – and they can see what times of year shoppers buy certain items more often and when they buy them less. This allows stores to better manage inventory and negotiate deals with suppliers. In return for these invaluable insights, retailers provide you with exclusive sales prices and promotional offers targeted to your needs.

Some of the best grocery store rewards programs are free, including Target Circle, Rite Aid Rewards, Albertsons for U, and the Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

Walmart+ and Amazon Prime are examples of top rewards programs with paid membership tiers. Both of these programs offer free delivery without order minimums. Walmart+ also offers fuel discounts, same day grocery delivery, and a “scan and go” app feature that lets shoppers self-checkout at the store. Amazon Prime ties in the delivery service with their robust Prime Video streaming service and Amazon Fresh grocery delivery.

How to Save the Most Money With Grocery Store Rewards Programs

  1. Connect your account in-store – It can get a bit hectic when you reach the front of a busy checkout line, especially if you have kids in tow or are checking your phone. Before you complete your purchase, be sure to either swipe your membership card, or a QR code on your phone. Depending on your store, you may also connect a purchase to your membership number by entering a phone number at the keypad or by using a credit card that is connected with your account.
  2. Link rewards programs to your Ibotta account – This way, all the digital cash back offers you add on Ibotta will automatically be attached at check out. Ibotta has more than 60 participating grocery retailers where you can connect accounts in the app, with more signing on every day. If your favorite store isn’t automatically connected to your Ibotta account – don’t worry. Add your offers and then upload pictures of your receipt, and we’ll connect the cash back for you!
  3. Pay with a cash back rewards credit card – Especially one linked to your favorite grocery retailer! Look for cards without annual fees. If you choose a card with an annual fee, such as the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, make sure you use enough where the rewards more than outweigh the annual fee ($95). Learn more about these cards here.