Grocery Budgeting for Singles

Guide to Save on Groceries       Grocery Budgeting for Singles
Living alone provides a lot of freedom – especially when it comes to stocking the fridge and pantry. Every decision is yours, as is every inch of shelf space. That said, you’re also taking on the full responsibility for buying everything, so it helps to have a plan to save money on groceries.
  1. For perishables, less is more – While you may pay more per unit for some items like milk, eggs, cheese, and bread, get to know how much you plan to eat within the coming week and buy accordingly. Spending a little more on a half carton of eggs or a quarter gallon of milk will pay off by reducing the amount that spoils and needs to be thrown away.
  2. Maximize your freezer space – If you cook a big meal, portion out individual servings and freeze the rest. This will also spare you from having to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner the rest of the week.
  3. Look for deals online – Digital cash back from Ibotta is a great way to make every dollar in your pocket stretch as far as possible. For non perishables like canned foods and paper products, max out the per item limit and stock the pantry.
  4. Look for deals at the store – Check your local retailer for sale items, seasonal items, and get to know their retail cycle (as certain items go on sale every six or so weeks).
  5. Cash in credit card bonuses – Many credit cards offer alternatives to airline miles, which can be very limiting in how you redeem rewards. Cash back credit cards often have promotional periods where category purchases like “groceries” or “gas” can deliver up to 5% cash back.
  6. Set a budget – Creating a budget based on your income and needs can help you prioritize healthy essentials over indulgences that can still be enjoyed, but in moderation.