Grocery Budgeting for Couples

Guide to Save on Groceries       Grocery Budgeting for Couples
It can be a challenge transitioning from managing a grocery budget for one to a grocery budget for two, but most couples find their way once moving in together and setting up their new living arrangement. Here are some grocery savings tips for couples – including roommates – to use for success.
  1. Create one shopping list – This can be a PostIt or a notepad in the kitchen, or a special app that allows each household member to contribute to a shared list.
  2. Combine Grocery Loyalty Program and Ibotta Rewards accounts – This way, no matter who pays for the groceries, the rewards add up.
    1. Request duplicate loyalty cards at the grocery store, or have one person carry the card, and one person carry the keychain version. Many retailers are moving to apps, where you can simply scan your digital loyalty card at the register. You can also make sure each person’s credit card is tied to the retailer and Ibotta account for seamless redemption of digital coupons and digital cash back.
    2. While at the store, open your Ibotta app to be sure you’re aware of all the cash back rewards you or your partner (or roommate) has clipped.
  3. Different diets? Plan meals to combine key ingredients – Quite often, couples will have different cuisine preferences or allergen sensitivities, one may be vegan while the other is not. That said, you can still plan meals to take advantage of common ingredients, such as in-season produce, spices, and sides.
  4. Take advantage of home delivery and click and collect – That way one person can place the order, ensuring all available offers are redeemed, while the other person picks it up or is home to get it.