Introducing gift cards

Grab a gift card for your favorite shops and restaurants and get cash back on the entire amount instantly!
Gift cards

Saving is easier than ever

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Select a retailer from the gift card category or through the search bar, and choose the amount you’d like on the gift card.

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Purchase your gift card

After purchasing your gift card, you'll earn up to 10% cash back on the entire amount.

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Use in-store or online

Use your gift card in-store, online, or as the perfect last-minute gift!

What do you get the person who's got everything?

A gift card! Give the gift they’ll never return and get cash back on the entire amount.
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Maximize your earnings

Earn on the entire gift card amount and get cash back on your favorite grocery and personal care products at stores like Walmart, Kroger, and more. Cash on cash on cash.
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Top retailers

Earn up to 10% cash back on your entire purchase at 120+ stores and restaurants – instantly!

Old Navy
Bath and Body Works
The Home Depot

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