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Referring Friends: Get the Facts

It pays to be social.

How to Invite a Friend

Inviting friends to use Ibotta is a fun, easy way to earn more. For each successful referral, you’ll get cash back – the more you invite, the more you’ll earn! Check out these quick tips to make sure you get cash.

Step 1: Send your pals your unique referral code through email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or skywriting. To find your referral code, go to your Account in the Ibotta app, then tap Invite friends.

Step 2: Make sure your friend creates a brand new Ibotta account using your unique referral code.

Step 3: Then, they’ll need to log in to their account on a device that has not already been used with another Ibotta account.

Step 4: Now, your pal is ready to shop. Once they redeem a qualifying offer, you get cash.

Once you and your friends have followed these steps, your Ibotta account will be credited within 24 hours. Now go on, share the wealth!

How to Earn Referral Bonuses

Ready to grab even more referral cash? Watch out for frequent referral bonuses, which give you even more dough for spreading the Ibotta love.

To learn about current bonuses, visit the Earn More section of the Ibotta app. Also, be sure you are subscribed to Ibotta’s newsletters to get notified first when bonuses are available!

Common Questions

Q: Wait, where can I find my referral code?

A: You can find your personal referral code by heading to your Account in the Ibotta app and tapping Invite friends. From here, you can copy your referral code, or send it directly through text, email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Q: Where can I promote my referral code?

A: Social media is a great place to share your code! Just copy it from the app to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Q: My friend registered a new account. Why haven’t I received credit yet?

A: Check that your friend is new to Ibotta and has logged in from a device that is not associated with another Ibotta account. Then, your friend must successfully redeem an offer before you’ll receive credit for the referral. You won’t receive credit from just their registration. Also, let them know that Any Brand and Any Receipt offers are not eligible.

Q: Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

A: There is no limit – refer as many friends as you’d like! The more friends who sign up and redeem using your referral code, the more cash back you’ll earn.

Q: I followed all the steps but still hit a snag. What now?

A: If you need extra help, you can always visit our Help Center or contact Ibotta Care.

New to Ibotta? Download the free app today & start earning cash back on the things you buy every day!

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