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Ibotta’s New Purchase Rating Survey

Our best improvements to Ibotta always come straight from our Savers. That’s why we’ve decided to revamp how we get feedback!

With our new Purchase Rating Survey, Savers can easily tell us about their experiences using Ibotta. Keep reading for more details.

How our rating survey works

Tap Your earnings in the app, then select one of your credited transactions to access the Purchase Rating Survey. You’ll see an option to provide a star rating (out of 5) here.

Once you’ve selected your star rating, you’ll have the option to either submit the rating or add a personal review to go with it. Choose from the response options to add more details to your feedback.

**Note — you’ll still be able to submit feedback directly to Ibotta Care by tapping the “?” icon in the top right corner of the page.

We’re better together

Easy, and helpful — our new Rating Survey really is the best of both worlds. It only takes a minute, and makes a world of a difference for us as we continue to improve Ibotta for everyone.

We mean it when we say that your feedback is essential. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the advice of our Savers!

Thanks in advance for your help — the Ibotta team is so grateful! We’re looking forward to making cash back even easier as we continue to work with our community of Savers.

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