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How to maximize cash back with Ibotta – for gaming

Ibotta is the cash back best friend you know you need. Ibotta allows you to earn cash back on real purchases– in-store, online, and even on gift cards! Having extra cash for hobbies and activities like gaming is more important than ever. And when you buy gift cards with the Ibotta app, you earn real cash back – It’s the earnings cycle that keeps on giving!

Quick tips to get cash back and earn free gift cards with Ibotta

When you buy gift cards with Ibotta, you get real cash back from the total of your gift card purchase to start saving up for your next gift card!

Ibotta Savers have to earn at least $20.00 in cash back to get withdrawal access. $20.00 in Your earnings is also needed to apply your earnings to gift card purchases. For tips on how to buy gift cards with Ibotta, see our Help Center article, “How do I withdraw my earnings to a gift card?”

  1. Redeem offers to reach the $20.00 earnings minimum with Ibotta.

  2. Head to the Gift cards category in the app, search by type of card, or filter by alphabetical order to find the gift card to purchase.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to purchase.

  4. When you reach the Review screen, toggle the button to teal next to the Apply Ibotta earnings to the payment method of the gift card.

More ways to earn cash with Ibotta

Offers everywhere

Ibotta has thousands of offers to earn cash on in-store, pick-up or delivery, and online purchases. For online shopping, download the Ibotta browser extension to find the best offers and deals across the web! Learn how to maximize your earnings with the Ibotta browser extension.

Earn Ibotta bonuses

Remember, the more offers you redeem with Ibotta, the more opportunities you have to earn additional cash through bonuses! Learn more about bonuses.

Refer friends who should earn cash back, too!

You can earn more cash by referring friends who sign up with your code and try out Ibotta. There are details and exclusions to be aware of before you can earn for referring others to Ibotta. One important detail is– we want your referrals to enjoy trying Ibotta and earn on offers! Your referrals need to earn offers on their own account before you get your referral cash.

Earn toward gaming community purchases

We’ve got a few offers available for gamers right now so you can earn loads of cash, which makes it faster to be able to withdraw your well-earned cash to gift cards! Some great cash back offers for gamers include

  • GameStop gift cards

  • Best Buy

Wait, What even is Roblox? It’s everywhere – in answers on gameshows, in skits on late-night talk shows, and in expanding online worlds. What is it? It’s Roblox! What is Roblox? It’s an online platform and storefront space where users create and play games. While it seems to be popping up everywhere now, over half of kids under 16 in the U.S. have been engaging since 2020.

Roblox had a recent boost thanks to the social mega platform, TikTok. There are accounts solely for recording and seeing players and games in Roblox spaces, but there is also a large role from TikTok promoting ways to get free Roblox currency, Robux, through money-saving offers – like with Ibotta!

However, Roblox scams online do exist with this big boom in popularity. In general, Roblox scams try to steal Roblox user login information (and saved payment info), or get access to Robux and items purchased through the platform. Make sure your family members know not to give personal information to other Roblox users or fill out any forms that claim to give free Robux after completion. Also, avoid all exchange agreements not done through official Roblox systems. You can watch YouTube videos on tips for spotting scams for extra safety.

Our best tip is to keep Ibotta close for earning on every day and web purchases. Ibotta is a secure and trusted company helping people earn over $1 billion dollars! Save money on things you already buy with Ibotta– so you can get more Roblox gift cards and free Robux sooner.

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