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How to get cash back at the movie theatre

Are you one of those nostalgic few who still love going to a real movie theatre to see a new film? We’re with you (there’s just no popcorn like theatre popcorn, after all). But between us movie theatre aficionados, we’ll let you in on a secret: you’re probably spending too much on your tickets.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you save money at the movies. Start with Ibotta when you buy your movie tickets, and you could be getting real cash back on every purchase.

Buy tickets or gift cards

Forget coupons or promo codes — there’s a better way to save money on your movie tickets. Ibotta has several ticket retailers in the app. Just tap “Shop” next to the retailer and buy your tickets without leaving the Ibotta app. Or you can buy a gift card to your favorite theater and get cash back! Use your gift card to buy tickets or concessions.

Enjoy your movie! And keep an eye out for a message from Ibotta about your pending earnings, and ultimately, your cash back.

Skip the concession lines

If you’re one of those rebels who likes to sneak in their own movie snacks, be sure to check Ibotta in-store offers at your favorite grocery store for cash back on your snacks.

So next time you’re headed out to the theatre, start with Ibotta for both a streamlined moviegoing experience and cash back. Download the free app now and start earning cash back whenever and wherever you shop with Ibotta.

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