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Easy cash back at Walmart Online

We’re always working to make your Ibotta shopping and cash back experience even easier. So we’re putting all of our Walmart Online deals in one convenient place!

Now, you can get cash back on both storewide and individual offers just by visiting the Walmart online page in the app or on your computer. Here’s how:

  1. Head to the Walmart page in the Ibotta app or at Ibotta.com.

  2. Tap or click Online to browse and add individual and storewide offers.

  3. Make sure your Walmart account is linked, then tap or click Shop to shop and get cash back!

Tips for getting the most cash back at Walmart

Check out the offer details. Storewide offers may only apply to certain categories. Make sure you read the offer details to get your cash.

Start with Ibotta, every time you shop. To get cash back on storewide offers, you’ll need to click or tap Shop from the Ibotta app or website.

Link your Walmart account. Don’t forget! Link your Walmart account to Ibotta to get cash back on grocery pickup and delivery. Let the groceries (and cash back) come to you.

Your cash is coming. Some cash back offers take longer than others, so you may not get your cash back all at once. Rest assured, cash back on qualifying purchases is on its way!.. See offer details for more information.

Note: While this update is now live, it is not available to everyone yet.

That’s it – happy shopping! Easier cash back at Walmart, brought to you by Ibotta.

Sign up for a free Ibotta account today and earn cash back wherever you shop! Learn more about using Ibotta at the Help Center.

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