a warmlit hotel room with white bedding and cream sheets and tufted headboard.
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Earn Cash with Hotels.com

Taking a trip? Book the perfect hotel room with Hotels.com and save when you start with Ibotta.

What is Hotels.com

Hotels.com is a simple, fast and secure way to book your ideal hotel. From booking to checkout, manage your travel plans with the touch of a finger.

How it Works

Once you create an account you’ll gain access to secret prices on select hotels. Easily discover the best deals with their in-depth sort and filter options. Save all your favorite hotels to easily compare between features and prices. The easy-to-use map helps you find hotels in your area. You can also keep track of all of your past, current and future hotel bookings, even when you don’t have access to the internet.

How to Earn Cash with Ibotta

Earning cash back is simple. Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta and registered your account, open the app and search for the Hotels.com offer. When you locate the desired offer, select the “Shop” button and Ibotta will take you straight to Hotels.com.

From there, just be sure to complete your purchase without leaving the app. Ibotta will notify you shortly with an update on your pending earnings and estimated time of receiving credit. New to Mobile Shopping offers? Learn More

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