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The Ibotta College Athlete Partner Program: Tips and Best Practices

Congratulations on joining the Ibotta College Athlete Partner Program! We want to help you get the most out of this partnership, so here are some ideas and tips on the best way to leverage your influence.

How to use your referral code

  • Ibotta will provide a custom referral code to all college athlete partners.

  • This referral code is unique to you and


    be used in order to receive credit for any new users you send to Ibotta. Please note that you can expect a credit only after a new user submits their first receipt.

  • Referral codes can be placed almost anywhere to encourage others to download and use Ibotta:

    • Social media bio

    • Pictured, written, or verbally mentioned in a video on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

    • Included in the caption of your post

    • In a text or email inviting a friend

How to explain what Ibotta does

Ibotta helps you earn cash back every time you shop, whether you use our app, shop through the Ibotta website, or through our browser extension on your desktop or mobile phone. You can also look for the lowest price on everything on your wishlist with Ibotta’s price comparison tool, available on our browser extension.

Key Messaging Points

Let’s keep it simple when you’re talking to your followers. Here are some helpful talking points to use as you create content.

  • Ibotta helps you earn cash back every time you shop.

  • Ibotta offers cash back on items you’re already planning to purchase.

  • Earn cash back on everything in your cart when you shop with Ibotta. There are cash back offers on a variety of your favorite grocery essentials like frozen pizza, healthy snacks, or energy drinks.

  • Earn cash back online shopping for trending beauty, the latest TikTok fashion, your favorite sneakers, and more. And get cash back on your entire purchase from thousands of retailers like Sephora, Nike, and Under Armor.

  • Ibotta is 100% free to download and use.

  • The average Ibotta user earns $120 per year.

How to get more referrals

The more people you get to sign up, the more you can earn through the program. We’re here to help ensure you’re creating the best content. Here are some do’s and don’ts.


  • Pronounce Ibotta as “eye-botta” (like “I bought a…!”)

  • Post original content regularly, about once or more a month.

  • Use Ibotta yourself to shop and earn cash back! Tell your friends and followers how you use the app to earn and save on your favorite purchases.

  • Speak to your audience in an authentic way that feels true to who you are as a person. (We all love getting real recommendations on products or services to try from people we actually know!)

  • Include screenshots and/or video of the Ibotta app in your content.

  • Always include your referral code to ensure you receive credit for any new users you send to Ibotta.

  • Tag @Ibotta in all social content.

  • Follow FTC guidelines by disclosing your partnership with Ibotta through use of the hashtags #IbottaPartner and #Ad in all content (including social posts, videos, Stories, blog posts, etc.).

  • Ensure you are in compliance with local NIL regulations.


  • Don’t write Ibotta as iBotta or ibotta.

  • Don’t use the words “rebate(s)” or “coupon(s).”

Here are some ideas about what your content could look like:

Paige Bueckers

Paige Bueckers

Yazzy Avila

Yazzy Avila

Estelle Haugen

Estelle Haugen

How to get your referral money

Once you earn at least $20 and have redeemed at least one offer, you can start withdrawing your earnings.

Just go to your earnings page in the app by clicking your earnings amount in the top right corner. Then click withdraw. There are three ways that you can withdraw your earnings once you reach the withdrawal qualifications:

  • To your bank: You can withdraw your earnings by sending your money to your bank account if your bank has opted into our earnings program. Please be aware, some banks do not allow third-party transfers.

  • PayPal: You can withdraw your earnings by sending your money to your PayPal account.

  • Gift cards: You can withdraw your earnings by purchasing a digital gift card through the app. Some gift cards have a minimum purchase of $25.

For questions or additional support, please reach out to our Care team via the Help Center.

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