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Watch these horror movies – after you go to the store

Ibotta loves Halloween! We’ve compiled a spooky list of seven movies to enjoy. But be warned, these scary movies might make you wary of the store, so get all your Halloween savings with Ibotta – before you dive into this marathon.

Save with these 7 spooky-good deals

Match these horror movies with cash back from the Ibotta Halloween Essentials event! We’ll suggest some pairings along the way…

Pair your cash back on Kraft cheese with The Stuff (1985). These adorably fun crescent mummy dogs featuring Kraft cheese will ensure your family has a gourd time.

  • “The Stuff” will make you think twice about buying that hot item flying off the shelves. – What can possibly go wrong when the stuff is so delicious, everyone’s fridges are stocked with it? A classic silly '80s movie, you won’t be needing your security blanket nearby for this one.

Match your earnings on Justin’s peanut butter cups with Needful Things (1993).

  • With a tagline like “Buy now. Pay later.” for this Stephen King adaption, you’re sure to have a killer time reflecting on what things you really need. Classic King movies are mildly scary, for 1 of 5 screams.

Get cash back on an 80-piece bag of Ferrero assorted candy, in case you decide to stay holed up for a while, pairs well with The Mist (2007).

  • “The Mist” is a great Stephen King adaption set primarily in a grocery store! You’ll be okay going in, but you’ll wonder what’s beyond the automatic doors once you try to leave… This movie’s scare level is 2 of 5 screams.

Earn on Stouffer’s family mac and cheese for a stress-free dinner will help you give all your attention to this family move night featuring Zombieland (2009).

  • A film like “Zombieland”

    can be scary, but it’s more of a fun ride around post-apocalyptic America – full of stores and a shopping mall scene of its own. Peppered with some seriously spooky zombie moments, this is a solid 2 out of 5 screams!

Your savings on even more candy – an assorted 90-piece Ferrero classic candy will go perfectly with a classic movie: Halloween (1978).

  • “Halloween” isn’t technically too shopping-involved, you caught us! But there are plenty of memorable scenes in the small town’s convenience store – like when Michael Myers grabs his iconic mask right off the store wall for the first time! We give this godfather of slasher films a 4 out of 5 screams.

Pair your earnings on Butterfinger minis with Intruder (1989).

  • “Intruder” will have you wandering the grocery aisles wondering what the stock crew went through to put your items on the shelves. Like

    Halloween (1978)

    , this 80s flick is considered a slasher; we give it 4 of 5 screams, too.

You’re going to want cash back on Stouffer’s family lasagna for this one! With a serious horror movie like Alien Raiders (2008), you might forget all about dinner. We’ve got you, though. Eat lasagna.

  • “Alien Raiders” is a newer sci-fi horror film taking place primarily in a grocery store. It’s a kind of Twilight Zone “who are the aliens, here” but you may not visit the store for a bit. Beware – This modern film is full of contemporary effects and shock graphics for a solid 5 out of 5 screams!

Too spooked to step foot in a store for a while? Get the Ibotta browser extension to maximize cash back for your online – safe and shipped right to your door (or to your car for pick-up) – purchases.

Happy Halloween from Ibotta!

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