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How Ibotta can help with your New Year’s resolutions

Are you ready for a better 2024? Now that you’ve set your resolutions, it’s important to give yourself incentives to stay on track. Here are all the ways that Ibotta can help you with your New Year’s resolutions.

Save money

Obviously Ibotta is great for this! Get cash back on your favorite brand names when you shop online or when buying gift cards. You can use that cash back to treat yourself or put toward more essentials you need.

Dry January

You’ve likely heard of the benefits of Dry January, but even if you don’t want to go cold turkey you can still benefit. Many people find that as they get older reducing their alcohol intake can help them feel better.

Try new things

Reduce the financial risk of trying something new when you try new things with cash back from Ibotta. This could be something like trying a new restaurant, a new recipe, or even just a new brand of snack food. Trying new things with someone you love is proven to improve your relationship.

Get healthier

Sometimes it feels like healthy food is out of reach when it comes to your budget. You already know Ibotta is the best way to save on groceries. So keep that going when you’re trying meatless Mondays, or use your cash back to beef up your berry budget. Also check Ibotta for cash back deals before buying exercise equipment or trying a new meal kit.

Travel more

Did you know that Ibotta also offers cash back on everything you need for travel? Earn on purchases from hotels to travel booking sites, rental cars, event tickets, and luggage. Before you book anything be sure to start with Ibotta to make sure you’re getting the most cash back.

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