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5 Top Summer Travel Money Saving Tips

Dreaming of a much-needed vacation? Take the stress out of it with helpful tips and ways to earn cash back on everything from flights to hotel rooms.

1. Know the best times to buy your airline tickets.

We all know flights get more expensive if you wait until the last minute. But did you know that you can actually purchase tickets too early and still spend too much?

It varies, but on average flights become the cheapest 30-45 days prior to departure. If you’re unsure when to purchase, utilize a few helpful apps like Hopper, Airfare Watchdog, or Skyscanner. These services allow you to enter in your ideal flight dates and they will then notify you when prices drop or increase. Talk about a lifesaver!

Don’t forget, once you’re ready to purchase, start with Ibotta and double your savings with deals on bookings from Booking.com, Hotwire, and CheapOair.

2. Know where to find the best accommodation options.

Gone are the days where you’re limited to hotel rooms. Now, there are flexible services like Airbnb and HomeAway that let you rent entire homes for affordable prices! Simply select your destination and desired travel dates and you’ll be able to view all of the available places to stay. Whether you’re searching for a downtown loft or a scenic cottage in the country, enjoy your vacation your way. This is also a great option if you’re in need of a laundry room during your trip!

Still on the hunt for a hotel? We’ve partnered with Choice Hotels and HotelStorm so that you can earn cash back on any mobile order. Need a last-minute option? Use HotelTonight to find exclusive discounts on same-day bookings.

3. Don’t forget local deal apps like Groupon.

Flights and hotels are one thing, but what do you do when you actually reach your destination? Treat yourself of course!

Groupon is one of our favorite ways to feel pampered without breaking the bank. No matter where you’re vacation takes you, there are Groupon deals to help enhance your stay. Simply browse deals in your area, purchase something you like, then present the voucher to the store or retailer to redeem. From wine tastings to amusement parks, there’s a Groupon deal for everyone. Start with Ibotta & earn cash back on top of a great deal.

4. TSA-proof your packing.

Let’s start with the age-old rule, roll your clothes, don’t fold them. It may seem simple, but this tip will help you save space and avoid deep wrinkles.

Preparing for a flight? Try packing lighter to avoid checking a bag. An extra stop at baggage claim can throw off your entire trip. If you do have to check a bag, make sure any essential items (like a medication) stay with you in a purse or other personal item. If you plan to travel with liquids, gels or aerosols, be sure they meet TSA regulations and are 3.4 ounces or smaller.

Need a new bag? We’ve partnered with eBags to offer cash back on top quality luggage, backpacks, handbags and more.

5. Snack strong with wholesale goodies.

While scattering the isles of a gas station can be fun during a road trip, it’s also pretty expensive. An easy way to cut down on food costs during trips is to pre-pack your favorite snacks. We’ve partnered with Boxed Wholesale and Jet, two great services that will deliver items to your door at discounted prices. Before you hit the road, simply order your favorite snacks in bulk and have a never-ending supply of snacks to help fuel your adventures.

No matter what you decide to do for your vacation, we’re wishing you a wonderful, safe trip!

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