National Wine Day

Celebrate National Wine Day with Cash Back

Sometimes, a national holiday is the perfect excuse to celebrate. This is one of those times.

National Wine Day is almost here!

This is a day for wine lovers. It’s the perfect time to sit back, relax, and sip your favorite glass of wine over a home-cooked meal — whether that’s with friends or family.

So let’s raise a glass. After all, wine has been a favorite of cultures around the world for centuries! We’re clearly a sophisticated group.

Wine is subjective — we know this. And we want our Savers to enjoy whatever wine they want, while also getting cash back.

If you’re looking to celebrate this special day, Ibotta has what you need — including cash back on some great vino options.

From sommeliers to novices, we’ve got everything you need this year. Looking for wine and snack pairings? We’ve got you covered there, too. See below for some classic food and wine combinations.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Steak

Cab Sauv is a full-bodied wine, so it pairs well with bold flavored meats — red meat in particular.

Chardonnay and Mac and Cheese

This is a classy one. But actually! A white wine like chardonnay adds to the creaminess of a dish like mac and cheese. Two thumbs up.

Rosé and Charcuterie

In general, lighter styles of wine (like Rosé) tend to pair better with more delicate food like charcuterie or fresh salad. So we recommend stopping by your favorite happy hour spot, or picking up some good cheese the next time you have rosé plans.

This is a day we’re ready to celebrate, in case you couldn’t tell. Don’t forget to start with Ibotta when you purchase your next bottle. Cheers!

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