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Building the perfect Easter basket

If you celebrate Easter, keeping up with that little bunny is getting more expensive. Last year the average household spent $79.57 buying gifts, candy, decorations, and greeting cards for Easter.

But if you plan carefully, this doesn’t have to be another opportunity for a bunch of junk you’ll throw away in a week. Instead, take this chance to give your kids a great gift basket for spring activities and beyond. And check out our Basket of Toys for great cash back deals on everything you need!

Candy and chocolate

There is something iconic about a chocolate bunny, and the age-old ears first or feet first choice. But if that’s not something you like then feel free to branch out. Get your favorite candies, even if they don’t come in a springtime variety, and put them in your basket. Teens might rather have their favorite chips or other snacks instead.

You can also space out how much they’re eating instead of eating it all in one day. Only put two or three jelly beans in each egg for toddlers. Or make an event out of eating the candy: Grab a few of the new crazy flavors and plan to do a Peeps taste-testing night.

Toys and games

When picking toys for your baskets, you can lean into the bunnies, baby chicks, and other spring-themed fun. But you don’t have to. Adding a new family board game or focusing on your kids favorite character will give you more longevity out of the gift. It’s about quality over quantity for a long-lasting present.

If you’re looking for a food-free egg hunt, you can put stickers or coins in eggs instead of candy. Or set up a scavenger hunt and put clues inside the eggs that lead to a larger gift instead of lots of little ones.

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Outdoor spring activities

Use your baskets as a reason to give your kids the stuff you would usually buy around this time of year anyway. After a long winter, getting back outside feels good, and some new toys and tools can help brush off the winter blues. Pick up some new sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, and sandals for sunny days.

You can also make your backyard a place for them to explore and create with some seed packets and kid-sized gardening supplies. Or get some bug collecting gear like nets and jars. Anything that gets them outside and enjoying nature will be a great use of your springtime.

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