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Throwing the perfect Big Game party

Around 200 million people watched the NFL championship last year, and it’s no wonder. The perfect watch party has something for football fans, crazy commercial appreciators, and food aficionados alike. If you’re looking to host your own party this year, we’ve got some tips. Start by checking out all the brands participating in our Big Game Essentials event for great cash back deals!

The food

What’s a party without tasty snacks? Make sure to do a test run with any new recipes at least a week before. That way you can decide if you need to tweak the ingredients or if it takes more or less time to make than you planned. Make sure you use cash back apps for groceries when buying your snacks so you can stretch your party budget a little further.

The partyware

There are a lot of little pieces to remember when it comes to the appropriate partyware.

  • Cooler for drinks so guests don’t have to get up for every refill

  • Plates, napkins, forks, spoons (grab extra napkins if you’re serving messier finger food, or even some wet wipes)

  • Serving trays, bowls, etc.

  • Serving utensils for all the foods – spoons, tongs, toothpicks, etc.

  • Bottle openers (put some both where you’re serving food and closer to where people are watching)

  • Trash cans where they are easily accessible

The seating

Of course having enough seats for everyone is good hosting manners. Let guests know if you need them to bring their own chairs or borrow from a neighbor.

Think about camping chairs, lawn chairs, and more you’ve stored away for the winter. You can also add some pillows and blankets for kids or some who might be more comfortable on the floor to get cozy.

The screen

You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new TV for your party, but if you’re in the market for an upgrade this is a good time to do it. (Be sure to check cash back deals on Ibotta first! We’ve got sitewide percent cash back at retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and more).

Also consider other viewing locations in your house. Is your kitchen out of sight of your living room TV? Consider adding a second screen so no one will miss a big play when they’re preparing food or getting a refill. Will it be warm enough where you live that some might like to watch outside while playing some yard games?

The decorations

Obviously if you’re rooting for one of the teams then your decor will be a cinch. If you’ve got guests rooting for both sides then generic gridirons, football banners, and more are your best bet.

You can also look to the hosting city for inspiration and go all out Vegas. Casino vibes are always a party theme. Want an out-of-the-box theme? Choose some of your favorite super bowl commercials from the past and print out some banners to make your guests laugh.

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