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3 tips to save on summer fashion

You’re watching the latest outfit of the day video from your favorite fashion influencer and you’re itching to add to cart. But you are also trying to balance your other expenses. Wondering how to keep your budget in check while also looking hot all summer long? We’ve got some ideas. 

1. Get cash back on top of sales

Did you know Ibotta has cash back offers at tons of top clothing retailers? Tap on Clothing on the home page in the app and find your favorite retailer. If you’re subscribed to your retailer’s newsletter emails, watch for sales. Once a sale pops up, then start with the Ibotta app when you shop. Getting cash back on top of the sale price can help you stretch your fashion budget even farther. 

For example, let’s say there’s a 20% off sale on shoes. You spy an adorable pair of sandals that will be perfect for your college roommate’s beach wedding. They’re $80 regularly, so $64 is your total. Then you check your Ibotta app and see the store is offering 15% cash back storewide. Score! That’s an extra $9.60 in your pocket, making the take home cost of those sandals less than $55.

2. Think about cost per wear

Cost per wear is thinking about the price of something compared to how much use you’ll get out of it. For example, an $80 dress you only wear once might actually be a worse choice than a $200 dress you’ll wear four times because the cost per wear is only $50. Be honest about how many times you’re going to wear it though, otherwise this method isn’t helpful. 

If clothes or shoes don’t fit right, are so trendy they’ll be out of style in months, or something you don’t absolutely love, you’re less likely to pull them out of your closet again, driving the cost per price up. Pieces that are versatile is a great way to create a more sustainable wardrobe

Also consider how much use an item will hold up to. Denim is always in style, but it goes through a lot. Buying one or two quality pieces that will last is better than having to replace them if they tear or wear through. 

3. Scrimp where you can

When looking at items to spend on, cut back on items you won’t notice or are covered by other items like undershirts. Classic basics at a more affordable price can be balanced with an eye catching piece to pull the outfit together. 

Also, when you find a designer item you love, shop around on the internet to see if you can find a cheaper brand selling a similar item that fits into your budget. Still pay attention to stitching and material so you’re not buying a cheaply made item that won’t hold up to use. 

Keeping your cool this summer while shopping doesn’t have to be hard. Use ibotta to get cash back on clothing at your favorite retailers.

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