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Shop 2024 Big Game ads with Ibotta

We know rooting for your favorite team during the Big Game is great, and everyone loves a killer half-time show. But we know everyone is going to be talking about those commercials. And when a 30-second Big Game ad can cost $7 million, brands really have to pull out all the stops to make it worth it.

And your favorite ads just got better. You can save on watch party snacks and score big cash back by using Ibotta. Over 40% of the brands that ran a Big Game ad have a live offer in Ibotta! See the app for all offer details — because these hot offers might sell out fast.

Oreo: get $1 on Family Size Oreo Thins, or $1 on seasonal Oreos

Hellmann’s: get $2 cash back on 20+ oz containers

Pringles: get $1 on Pringles

Bud Light: get $10 on Bud Light or Budweiser Beer

Cheetos: get $0.30 on Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese

Nerds: get $0.50, $0.75, or $1 for various sizes of Nerd Gummy Clusters

Reese’s: get $0.75 Reese’s King Size Caramel Big Cup, $0.50 on Reese’s Caramel Big Cup, $1 on Reese’s Cookies

Michelob Ultra: get $3 on 12 pack or larger

MTN Dew: get $1 on MTN Dew Energy Drink, any variety, any size

M&Ms: get $0.75 Peanut Cupids Blend, 10 oz, or $0.75 Milk Chocolate Cupid’s Blend

Dove: get $2 on Dove Body Scrub, $2 on Dove Serum Body Wash, or $1.50 on Dove Men+Care Hair Care Products

CeraVe: get $4 on Skin Renewing Creams or $2.50 on Oil Cleanser or Moisturizing Gel

Paramount+: get $4.50

DoorDash: get $1 per trip, plus 10% on gift cards (max $250)

Skechers: get 2% (max $100)

TurboTax: get 7.5% (max $100)

Google Store: get 2% (max $100)

Uber Eats: get 40% for new customers plus 10% on gift cards (max $25)

E.L.F cosmetics: get 4% (max $100)

Homes.com: get up to 3.5% cash back (max $40)

And that’s not all! Check the app for 30 unique offers on products found in the Big Game ads, and you could earn up to $662* in cash back! You can also earn bonuses for redeeming offers if you really want to go for cash back MVP status. Not using Ibotta yet? Don’t miss out on one of the best cash back apps for groceries!

*According to source, as of Feb. 8, 2024.

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